About PGC/Glazier Basketball Clinics

PGC (formerly known as Point Guard College) and Glazier Clinics have teamed up to provide a new kind of basketball coaching clinics..

Our Priorities:

  • Top-notch speakers. Successful, experienced coaches speak at our clinics. We give you a chance to evaluate them, and they are only invited back if you rate them highly.

  • Depth and breadth of topics. With more than 80 sessions at each basketball coaching clinic, there are multiple sessions and speakers to choose from each hour. We offer sessions on offense, defense, strength and conditioning and more. In addition, we meet the needs of new and experienced coaches by offering beginner, intermediate and advanced topics.

  • Practicality. We ask our speakers to deliver only real, useable strategies, not their booster speeches. We want every session to help you score more, shut down your toughest opponents and add more wins to your record.

  • A teambuilding experience. Bring your whole coaching staff to the clinics. You’ll be amazed at what a dedicated, high-energy weekend away can do for camaraderie and big-picture planning.

  • Giving you the most for your dollar. Unlike any other basketball coaching clinic, we offer a Staff Season Pass for unlimited coaches from your men's and women's high shool and feeder programs.

Basketball Coaching Clinics & Online Education

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About PGC

Formerly known as Point Guard College, PGC is well known for developing high school and college athletes, both male and female, through intense, no-nonsense basketball camps. PGC’s relationships with the best coaches in the business provides a powerhouse speaker lineup for the PGC/Glazier basketball coaching clinics.


About Glazier Clinics

Founded by Coach Frank Glazier in 1976, Glazier Clinics has made its name conducting football coaching clinics across the U.S., with over 35 clinics taking place in 32 cities in 2018. The Glazier Clinics Team prides ourselves on delivering the best in coaching education for the best price in the industry. Now the spirit and quality of Glazier Football Clinics comes to basketball through our partnership with PGC.